Location: Bali, Indonesia


Dates: February 22-26th, 2019

Your wings are ready. Your time as caterpillar has now expired.

This is a soul calling to the game changers, the Earth Warriors…


The people that know in their core they are meant for more.


The people longing for TRUE freedom.


The people that desire to make a massive difference doing what they love.


The people who desire to activate and develop their spiritual gifts to the next level.


The people who long to own their purpose, power and potential.


The people who desire to upgrade their money mindset and confidence.


The people who wish for ease and effortlessness.


The people who want what they want and are tired of settling.


The people who long for more money and more impact.

The Bali Metamorphosis combines ancient and modern wisdom, rituals and practices, with different healing modalities and transformational bodies of work.

A sacred space for you to channel your higher self, your guides, dive into your sacred temple, and do the inner work, embodying the frequency of your dreams.

I will hold space for you to step into who you were destined to be.

I will deliver the messages your soul and spirit guides want you to know.

I will hold your hand and walk through the fire with you.

Your time is NOW. The world is craving for you to step into your gifts fully.


It’s time for all of us to catapult into
our greatest becoming.

Deep Immersions. Sacred movement. Transformational Coaching. Intuitive Energy Healing. Breathwork. Yoga. Beautiful Beaches. Guided Meditations. Healthy Gourmet Meals. 


Explore Ancient Sacred Wisdom 

Imagine being greeted with a watermelon natural juice and a full body massage waiting for you as part of your welcoming.

You will be transported into an experience like non other.

We’re calling it the DREAM RETREAT.

A sacred space where you will encounter yourself on a whole new level.

Awakening the parts of you that are begging to be seen and heard.

Embodying the frequency of your dreams so you magnetize what you truly desire.


It’s time to really live the life you want and that starts with you taking a risk on you.

Making an investment that will catapult you into your greatest becoming.

What does success look and feel like?
What would your greatest life look and feel like?

It’s time to live the dream now.
Take the leap of faith. 

It’s time! 

Bali, Island of the Gods


Bali is an Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. Many names have been given by those who came to this island with great satisfaction and pride like “Paradise Island”, “The last Paradise on Earth”, “The island of Gods”, The morning of the world”, or whatever they call it, in fact Bali island is one of more than 13.000 islands in Indonesia with its special beauty of landscape and seascape, its unique tradition and culture, art and craft, as well as its friendly and simple people.

Come and experience this gift! Something you’ll never forget!

Success is an inside job and the more we dive into our inner magic, the more we will experience radical freedom and true purpose. The kind of magic that magnetizes the right people, the right places and the divine circumstances that will unleash your true potential.

Space is limited. Why wait?!

The Metamorphosis combines relaxation, exploration, luxury, and fun… providing a unique sense of balance, purpose, inspiration and ZEN!

Surround yourself with powerful leaders looking to step into their purpose and power like never before… just imagine everything you’ve ever wanted plus a tribe that fully supports your greatest becoming. An unforgettable experience that will unleash your purpose, unleveling life to unimaginable heights. That’s what’s possible.

Your dreams are waiting for you to jump.

It’s time!

Step away from your daily routine and regular vacations. Feel inspired and fulfilled. Immerse yourself in the perfect well-being environment… we value privacy, exclusivity, and independence. We do less crowds and explore virgin territories.

We do spirituality, but love to integrate fun, luxury, and exploration. 


Chef Organic Meals


Morning, Noon, Night Activities


Ground Transportation


Swedish Massage


Water Excursions


Reverse Engineer Your Success


Matrix Energetics


Luxury Lodging


Reiki Sessions




Healing Sessions


Chakra Clearing


Chanting + Guided Meditations


One Pre- and Post-Retreat Coaching Call


Money and Business Master Class


New Moon Ritual


Morning Yoga


Dharma Talks


Group Coaching


Private 1-1 sessions with coaches

And some amazing surprises we just can’t share!

Where the impossible becomes you

Yup, I get you because I was you. I hated my job as a financial auditor in the New York Mercantile Exchange. The thought of counting my vacation days and running out of sick days was torture. I was a mystic in a closet, numbing and dimming down my weirdness just to make others feel safe, totally avoiding taking responsibility for the life I really wanted. Consumed with distractions, deep down I was so unhappy, but boy did I pretend to have it all together.

All I wanted was the freedom of getting paid for doing what I love, traveling the world, while making a difference with thousands of people worldwide. That was my dream then and now it’s a reality. I’m living proof that you can have it all.

Through transformational speaking, coaching, energy healing, and intuitive guidance, I live to inspire and awaken people to the truth of who they are, to their purpose and true potential.
Through film, traveling, writing, masterminds, healing circles, and online programs, I’m on a mission to mainstream personal development and transformation, so people really get the magic of who they are and what’s possible when they lead with a miracle mindset.

My job is to amplify your gifts so that you unleash your magic onto this world, creating a space for you to release and shed all the old belief patterns that are no longer serving you and what you truly want out of life. Creating a space for you to cocoon and embody the frequency of your dreams so that you magnetize what you truly desire with flow and ease.

So that you step into that dream life that’s calling you NOW.

Meet Your Hosts

Michelle Jeovanny

Hola, my name is Michelle Jeovanny, and I totally get you. I know deep down you’re looking for that impossible dream. That place where purpose meets potential, where freedom and grace align, and nothing becomes more important than living your truth.

As a Certified Transformational Trainer and Certified Life Business coach, today I am the co-founder and owner of Acid Love, Dignity University, Dignity Universal, Vote Dignity Foundation, and Creating Source LLC. All platforms devoted to the awakening of the human potential and raising global consciousness.

Angelisa Almanzar

Angelisa Almanzar is a psychic-intuitive love strategist, courage cultivator, and luminary leader. She works with hundreds of women in need of a little love-magic in their lives. Angelisa empowers them with Divine Feminine knowledge, transmitting renewed faith and passion into their spiritual cells and energizing them into being trusting, courageous, vulnerable warriors of love and truth.

She believes that when women are loved, cherished, expressed and emboldened in their intimate relationships, the world changes around them. Angelisa dives deep into where you stand, what you truly desire and what you really believe about love. She helps women align their energy with their Divine Partners on the planet. There’s no need to feel fear of missing “The One” when working with Angelisa. She ignites Women’s Feminine voice & unleashes their beautiful hearts.

You can learn more about Angelisa and her offerings at www.allheartcoach.com.

JD   Mitra

Joydev is the co-founder of Dignity Universal, Dignity University, and Vote Dignity, all transformational companies that produce custom personal and professional development workshops, speaking engagements, coaching programs, as well as live events and conferences. He has a fierce commitment to up-leveling people’s game in life as well as their business.

Joydev will inspire your inner genius to come out and take over. His unique delivery combines eastern spiritual wisdom with a daily dose of practicality in business, being a self-made millionaire who thrives on seeing others achieve their genius potential. Joydev is a high performance business coach and speaker who motivates and inspires people to take bold actions on achieving their next level of genius.

This is a soul invitation. Spaces are filling up fast.
Why wait?! Your time is NOW.

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