Location: Samana Bay, Dominican Republic

Dates: November 7-11th, 2019 (Veteran’s Day weekend)

4 Nights in Paradise

Deep Immersions. Yoga with a View. Virgin Beaches. Whale Watching. Tubing on a Secret River. Exploring Caves and Hidden Lakes. Healthy Gourmet Meals.


Becoming the Butterfly: The 4 Nights of Renewal✨

Feel inspired and fulfilled. Step away from your daily routine and immerse yourself in the perfect well-being environment. We will take you from slow and cold to the Caribbean magical flow in just 4 Nights. And here’s a huge added bonus: a private ceremony during the new moon. The Metamorphosis is all about you diving in, stripping away and breaking free from all the layers of stress. We’ve created a space for you to relax and transform from the inside out with 1-1 sessions with our coaches. Bringing you into your truth and highest potential. Just like the butterfly.

Yoga, Meditation & Dharma Talks….

Every morning we begin with movement and yoga.  After,  there will be a healthy chef prepared breakfast.  Then we head off to our dharma talks, where we will meditate and dive into a transformational distinction. Each day offers a theme for us to explore and unravel powerful distinctions to create awareness and deeper sense of inner peace. 

Excursion of the Day….

After lunch and some pool time we move on to the excursion of the day:

  • Water activity on a virgin beach
  • Tubing tour on a secret river
  • Gentle hiking tour
  • Beautiful Whale watching tour in the Bay of Samana 

Dinner and Night Rituals….

Dinner is served as you overlook the mountains and ocean with candles and soft music. We close the night with sharing and questions as we dive deeper into the theme of the day… These talks are called ‘Community is The Guru,’ a beautiful reminder that we’re all in this together.

Are you ready for…

  • Massages Galore: A Swedish massage in the privacy of your room.
  • Self Love Talks: Learn tips and self care routines to rejuvenate the soul
  • Metaphysics Class: A 35 minute talk that will up level your life.
  • Life Coaches, Wellness Coaches, Business Coaches, and Healers:Covering all four elements of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being in a relaxed and private environment we call paradise.
  • Virgin Beaches and Secret Rivers
  • Reverse Engineer Your Success: Create your 2019 Blueprint
  • Money and Business Master Class
  • Sound Healing, Deeksha, Reiki & Guided Meditations
  • Farm-to-Table Organic Meals and cold-pressed juices!
  • Transformational Breathwork
  • Chakra Clearing & Alignment
  • Whale watching at its best! 95% of the Atlantic humpback whales are born in Dominican Republic waters. These whales reach the Caribbean Sea to give birth, date and mate in the warm waters. It is such a beautiful sight to see and listen to the male whales put on a show to attract and win the female.

Location: Paradise

Enjoy a beautiful mountain top property submerged in nature. The private property has an infinity pool, a spectacular ocean view from where you can even spot the whales during whale watching season. There are 14 private cabins that offer a breathtaking view of the sea and mountains.

The property is located on the Samana peninsula. It’s considered the most attractive region in the Dominican Republic , thanks to its beautiful surrounding nature, coconut palms and virgin beaches with crystalline waters.

There is a clubhouse with free wifi, music barbecue, and a spacious lounge for our daily meals. The retreat will offer a 5 star chef with a butler and a bartender, 24/7 security and maintenance, safe drinking water, as well as daily housekeeping. The infinity pool has umbrellas and outdoor showers available with night lights.

A Vacation with a Purpose

Surround yourself with likeminded individuals… just imagine virgin beaches, yoga with a view, healthy gourmet meals, massages, luxurious accommodations, spectacular surroundings, and an array of activities that suit the truth and wellness seeker’s monkey mind… and you still have time to sight see and hit up local attractions.

Amidst the beautiful new moon.

The Metamorphosis combines relaxation, exploration, luxury, and fun… providing a unique sense of balance, purpose, inspiration and ZEN!

Our Retreat Schedule


  • Airport Pick Ups | HOLA | Bienvenida | Welcome
  • Luz Welcoming Ceremony
  • Mahalo Massage & Self Care Package
  • Cena De Bienvenida – Welcome Home Dinner
  • Evening Talk:  Community is The Guru – Creating Space.
  • Closing Gratitude Circle


  • Sunrise Magic Yoga
  • Meditation Movement
  • Organic Breakfast Cold Pressed Smoothies
  • Friday Dharma Talk: Your Golden Ticket
  • Sun & Pool Break
  • Water Excursion of the day
  • Sunset Candle Lit Dinner
  • Evening Talk:  Community is The Guru – I AM THAT I AM
  • New Moon Fire Ceremony  
  • Closing Gratitude Circle


  • Sunrise Magic Yoga
  • Meditation Movement
  • Deeksha, Reiki and Sound Bath
  • Organic Breakfast Cold Pressed Smoothies
  • Saturday Dharma Talk: Mental Alchemy
  • Sun & Pool Break
  • Water Excursion of the Day
  • Local Dinner: A Night Out in Town
  • 5 Rhythms: Dance Meditation
  • Evening Talk:  Community is The Guru – WE BEGINS WITH ME
  • Alquimista Private Ceremony
  • Closing Gratitude Circle


  • Meraki Morning Ritual
  • Reiki or Chakra Clearing Private Sessions
  • Organic Breakfast Cold Pressed Juices
  • Sunday Dharma Talk:  Mystic Psychology
  • Water Excursion of the Day
  • Exclusive Boat Dinner Party
  • Evening Talk:  Community is The Guru – WE ARE ONE
  • The Ascension Ceremony
  • Closing Gratitude Circle


  • Meraki Morning Ritual   Mental Art
  • Reiki or Chakra Clearing Private Sessions
  • Organic Breakfast Cold Pressed Juices
  • Sunday Dharma Talk:  Your Truth. The Metamorphosis.
  • Closing Gratitude Circle
  • Airport Drop Offs. Take flight. Safe Travels!

Nos vemos pronto!

(See you soon!)


***Water Excursion of the Day: Scuba Diving, Virgin Beach, Whale Watching, Hidden Lake, Hiking, Jetskiing, Yacht Tour, Waterfalls, etc.  

***Timeline may vary depending on weather and availability.

We love spiritual and we love to have fun!

Step away from your daily routine and regular vacations. Feel inspired and fulfilled. Immerse yourself in the perfect well-being environment… we value privacy, exclusivity, and independence. We do less crowds and explore virgin territories. We do spirituality, but love to integrate fun, luxury, and exploration. 

Your Hosts

Michelle Jeovanny

Through transformational speaking, coaching and spiritual guidance, Michelle Jeovanny has helped thousands ignite their true life’s purpose and potential.

She helps you fall in love with yourself and with life, from vague dreams to blissful reality and infinite passion, with an impressive assemblage of hands on tips, a generous sprinkling of woo woo magic and a splash of spirituality.

As a Certified Transformational Trainer and Certified Life Business coach, today, Michelle Jeovanny is the co-founder and owner of Acid Love, Dignity University, Dignity Universal, Vote Dignity Foundation, and Creating Source LLC. All platforms devoted to the awakening of the human potential and raising global consciousness

Maryse Karunaratne

Karuna Love Yoga

Maryse Karunaratne is a healer and spiritual consultant. She works with leaders to blaze trails… while also guiding visionaries to live their limitless potential. Maryse specializes in finding answers where it previously appeared there were none. In her process—that is both spiritual and systematic—she uses a blend of ancient healing practices, movement, breath and play to create freedom in your body, mind and spirit.

Joydev Mitra

Dignity University

Joydev is the co-founder of Dignity Universal, Dignity University, and Vote Dignity, all transformational companies that produce custom personal and professional development workshops, speaking engagements, coaching programs, as well as live events and conferences. He has a fierce commitment to up-leveling people’s game in life as well as their business.

Joydev will inspire your inner genius to come out and take over. His unique delivery combines eastern spiritual wisdom with a daily dose of practicality in business, being a self-made millionaire who thrives on seeing others achieve their genius potential. Joydev is a high performance business coach and speaker who motivates and inspires people to take bold actions on achieving their next level of genius.

Registration Includes


Chef Organic Meals


Morning, Noon, Night Activities


Ground Transportation


Swedish Massage


Water Excursions

Scuba Diving, Virgin Beach, Whale Watching, Hidden Lake, Hiking, Jetskiing, Yacht Tour, Waterfalls, etc.


Reverse Engineer your Success: Create Your 2018 Blueprint


Luxury Lodging


Reiki Sessions




Healing Sessions


Chakra Clearing


5 Rhythms Dance Meditation


Money and Business Master Class


New Moon Ritual


Morning Yoga


Dharma Talks


Group Coaching


Private 1-1 Sessions With Coaches


Matrix Energetics

And some amazing surprises we just can’t share!


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